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How to: Upgrade Subscriptions/Add Licenses for Free Trials
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If you have the free trial version of a product, follow the steps in this article to upgrade to a paid version.


Note the following:

1)      You can only add licenses/resources to paid subscriptions.

2)      Any pricing changes should be completed BEFORE you begin the upgrade process, refer to ‘How to: Set Pricing for Individual Plans and Resources’.

3)   Each Customer is permitted to own only one ‘Free Trial Offer’ subscription per product (if available).


1) Log in to your Customer’s Control Panel (CCP)

Fig. 1

2) Select the product you want to upgrade from the list under ‘Subscription’

Fig. 2


3) Under the ‘Home’ tab, select either 1) ‘Click here to upgrade.’ or 2) under Store - ‘Upgrade To Paid Service’

Fig. 3

4) The ‘Upgrade to Paid Service’ page opens where you can select the service plan

Reminder! You should have completed any pricing changes BEFORE doing this upgrade, refer to ‘How to: Set Pricing for Individual Plans and Resources’.


Fig. 4

5) Click the Next button

Fig. 5

6) Review details

Fig. 6

7) Click the Place Order button

Fig. 7

8) You will receive a confirmation message that the order has been placed, then click the Exit Wizard button to complete the process

Fig. 8