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Step 1: Prepare your Office 365 Tenant for CSP
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In order to purchase Microsoft CSP Subscriptions for Office 365 and EMS (Enterprise Mobility Suite), you need to:

  • Be registered with Microsoft as a Reseller, for which you will receive a MPNID (Microsoft Partner Network ID) to use with your CSP orders
  • Be authorized to purchase CSP Subscriptions by having agreed to the terms and conditions of the MOSPA (Microsoft Online Services Partner Agreement)
  • Ensure that your Company Profile within Microsoft Partner Network is filled out completely

You may not have needed a MOSPA to sell Office 365 and EMS under other licensing models, but it is required to sell CSP Subscriptions of Office 365 and EMS.

Become a Microsoft Partner

If you have not already done so, enroll in the Microsoft Partner Network at You will receive an MPNID as proof of your registration, and you can enter this MPNID into Ingram Cloud Marketplace with your CSP orders.


 Sign the MOSPA

If you have not already done so, you must sign the Microsoft Online Partner Services Agreement at



  • If you have not signed the MOSPA, your orders for CSP Subscriptions on Ingram Cloud Marketplace will be rejected by Microsoft and will fail to provision.
  • The MOSPA is effective for 1 Year from the date of acceptance.  You will need to return to your MPN portal to sign a new MOSPA for the following year.
  • Please allow time between signing your MOSPA in the Microsoft Partner Network and placing your first CSP order on Ingram Cloud Marketplace.  It takes some time for Microsoft to propagate your MOSPA acceptance to all of the systems used for provisioning CSP Subscriptions.

To sign the MOSPA, you must be signed-in to Microsoft Partner Network using an account that has full administrative privileges for your company‚Äôs membership in the Microsoft Partner Network. Please log in using an account that has these privileges before signing the Microsoft Online Services Partner Agreement.  If you do not sign in with a full administrative account, you will receive this kind of error when you try to sign the MOSPA:



Complete Organization Profile Information


Though it may not have been required by Microsoft before, in order to purchase CSP Subscriptions you must completely and correctly fill out the Company Profile page in your Microsoft Partner Network portal.  Microsoft requires that the address, phone, email and other contact information in your MPN Profile matches the information submitted by Cloud Marketplace on every CSP order.

If you not already done so, you must update your company profile:

  • Sign in to your Microsoft Partner Network using your Primary Program contact credentials
  • Click on Dashboard