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Ordering a New Office 365 Subscription for an Existing Tenant through the Reseller Control Panel
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Resellers must purchase their customers’ first Office 365 subscriptions on the Cloud Marketplace in order to provision both the plan and a new tenant. After that, you can purchase new subscriptions for an existing tenant through the Customer Control Panel.

Follow the steps below to order new types of subscriptions for customers who already have a tenant.

1)    First, note your customer’s tenant domain, as it is required when placing the order. The tenant domain is displayed in the Subscription Information on the Customer Control Panel; see step-by-step instructions for finding it here.

2)    Next, log in to your Reseller Control Panel and click the Billing link at the top right-hand side of the page. If the link says Operations, skip to the next step.

3)    Click Customers in the left-hand side menu, and search for your customer’s account using any of the search fields.

4)    Click on the customer’s name to open their account page.

5)    Navigate to the Orders tab and click Add New Order.

6)    Click the magnifying glass next to the Service Plan field.

7)    Click the plan name to add it to the order. You can filter the service plans by using the Name and Category search fields at the top of the page.

8)    Click the magnifying glass next to Subscription Period and select 1 Year.

9)    Click Next to continue.

10)  Now enter the customer’s tenant domain and click Next.

11) Click Order Additional Resources if you need to order more seats.

Note: If you do not complete this step, only one seat will be provisioned. Additional seats can be added later.

12) Follow the Additional Resources wizard to add the required number of seats to the order.

Note: Here you are adding additional seats. The number you enter will be provisioned in addition to the one that is included with the order. So, if you enter 5, 6 seats in total are provisioned.

After you have finished the wizard, you are redirected back to the order confirmation page.

13) Check the details of your order and click Place Order.

When provisioning is complete, the subscription appears in the customer’s Subscriptions tab with the status displayed as Active.

After the new subscription has been provisioned, additional seats for that plan can be added through the Reseller Control Panel; see this article for instructions.