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Ordering Subscriptions through the Reseller Control Panel
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We recommend that Ingram Micro Cloud resellers place most orders for their customers through the Cloud Marketplace. However, an alternate method to place orders is through the Reseller Control Panel. This article provides step-by-step instructions for ordering subscriptions for your customer through the Reseller Control Panel.

NOTE: You should have a good understanding of the Reseller Control Panel before using this method to place orders. See the Introduction to the Reseller Control Panel for more information. You also need to create the customer account first before placing order. Refer to the article- Creating Customer Accounts through the Reseller Control Panel.

Follow these instructions to place an order for your end customer through the Reseller Control Panel.

1)    Log into your Reseller Control Panel.

2)    Click Billing in the top right-hand side menu. If the link says Operations, you don’t need to click it.

3)    Navigate to Operations > Customers.

4)    Click on the Account Name link for the customer whose account you would like to add subscriptions to.

5)    Click on the Orders tab and then click Add New Order.


6)    Click on the magnifying glass icon beside the Service Plan field.


·         A new window pops up displaying the available service plans.


7)    Click on the name of the service plan you want to order. In the example below we used the search tool to locate all 'Office 365 Business' plans. Select the 'Office 365 Business (Monthly Pre-Paid)' plan


·         Once you click on the name of the service plan you’ll be brought back to the order form and the plan will have been selected.


8)    Click on the magnifying glass beside the Subscription Period field, and in the window that pops up, select the subscription period in the Duration column.


9) A new window will pop up and the available subscription periods will be displayed. Choose a subscription period by clicking on the link under the Duration column.

·         Once you’ve selected a subscription period you will return to the order form.


10)    Click Next to proceed.


11)  Enter the Microsoft Office 365 domain name that will be used with the subscription being ordered. This can be an existing name or a new one. After entering the domain name, click Next.

12)  Review the order details. Click on ‘Order Additional Resources’ button.      

       Note: The initial order is for 1 license. In most cases additional licenses are needed.

13)  Click on the radio button under Name field () to select the ‘Office 365-ASP’. Click on ‘Choose Category’ button.


14) Click on the radio button () to select the resource (license) that you want to add to the order. Click on ‘Modify Resource Amount’ button.


15) Type in the required number of licenses in the ‘Additional’ amount field. Click ‘Next'.                                                                                                                                                                                  Note: The ‘Additional’ field is always set to 1 by default. If the number of resources required is 6, then put 5 in the additional field.