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Adding a New Admin User for the Customer Control Panel
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It is possible to create additional users on the Customer Control Panel so that an administrator can manage a customer account on your behalf. The user can have a specific user role assigned so that they have only those privileges that you designate.

Note that this article assumes you have already created the necessary user roles. For help with creating a new user role, see this article first.

Follow the instructions below to create a new admin user for the Customer Control Panel.

1)    First, log in to your Customer Control Panel.

2)    Navigate to the Account tab, and click on Admins.

You will see a list of the admin users that already exist.

3)    Click Add New Admin at the top of the page.

4)    Fill in the Administrator’s information in the appropriate fields and click Next.

5)    Select the new user’s role and click Next.

Note: By default, only the Full Access role is available. See this article if you need instructions to create a new user role.

Now your new user will appear in the list of Admins.

If you need to change the role assigned to a particular user, continue to the next step.

6)    Click on the user name to view the user info.

7)    Click on Manage Advanced Settings under User Info.

8)    Click + Add to add a user role to your Admin.

9)    Navigate to the Managed Subscriptions tab to see which subscriptions the user has access to. Put a check to the left of the subscription you would like the user to manage.

The user will now be able to manage the selected subscriptions with the level of access according to the role that you have specified.

See this article if you need to learn how to create a new admin user role and assign it to the admin user that you have created.