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SEP Cloud Migration guide
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This document will provide information about the migration of Symantec SBE (Small Business Edition) customers to Symantec End Point Cloud.


1.      If your customers are using Symantec Small Business Edition, so you can move them to the Symantec End Point Protection Cloud.

2.      Symantec is moving all his partners and the customer to the cloud network.

3.      Migration will be performed by Symantec (vendor).

4.      Once you will receive an email from the Symantec/ Ingram Micro you can select your preferred subscription and can make a purchase from the cloud marketplace

5.      The detailed information about the migration process will be provided by Symantec.

Steps for Migration

1.      Reseller receives an email from Symantec and/or Ingram Micro that a migration is approaching, along with instructions.

2.      Resellers have to onboard their customers to the cloud marketplace, if they are not on cloud marketplace.

3.      In the Symantec Partner Management Console, resellers will be able to see the list of their customers using Symantec services.

4.      Reseller need to click the upgrade button for their customer(s).

5.      Symantec platform takes a snapshot of the number of devices and servers that are eligible for upgrade.

6.      Symantec platform prepares a "pending order” for those devices and servers and stages it for access via a Pending Order API.

·         The pending order includes everything – required subscriptions, product info, feature codes, quantities, etc.

Important Note: Ingram will not be able to provide the information about the status of migration batch.