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April - 2018 - Release Notes
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Read-only fields on the "Reseller Account Information" form.


"Reseller Account Information" or "Staff Account Information" forms are being shown when first time placing the order through Cloud Marketplace. 

Starting with this version editing of the pre-filled fields on the "Reseller Account Information" form will be prohibited:

 - company name,

 - address fields,

 - VAT ID field.

We delivered this feature to avoid discrepancy between Reseller Account Data in different modules.

If you want to change Company Name, VAT ID, or postal address, please contact customer service at


Resellers on Credit Hold are able to place the the order.


New version of Cloud Marketplace allows Resellers in Credit Hold to place the order.


Showing "Business Account Type" on the "New Customer" form by default.


We observed that "Business Account Type" are being selected in most of the cases of creation new customer's account. 

Now we show "Business Account Type" as default value on the New Customer Form.