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How to: Verify your domain for G-Suite
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It consists of following steps:

A.      Step 1: Adding a domain

B.      Step 2: Adding text record to the added domain

Step 1: Adding a domain

1.       Login to your Customer Control Panel

2.       Click on Domains option at the left-hand side in Customer Control Panel. If you have not activated the G – Suite Service, so please refer this article (Activation of G Suite Services)

Fig. 1

3.       Choose ADD NEW DOMAIN option to add your domain:



4.       You will get 3 options –

(a) Register New Domain

(b) Transfer Your Domain

(c) Add Your Domain.

Click on Add Your Domain and insert the correct domain for activation of services

Fig. 3

5.       After providing the domain click on submit button


Fig. 4

6.       You can see the registered domain now.

Step 2: Add text record

1.       After adding the domain, click on G Suite in left side Menu option.

Fig. 1

2.       You will see an IMPORTANT NOTICE, which shows required TXT record to be added to your domain – This is required to manage licenses.


3.       Copy the TXT record to your clipboard and go back to Domains tab

Fig. 2

4.       Click on ACTIONS, select MANAGE DNS RECORDS.

Fig. 3

5.       Click on ADD NEW RECORD BUTTON

Fig. 4

6.       In the ADD NEW RECORD Menu choose TXT for Record Type. Paste your TXT record here and click on OK.