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Assign support contacts for Microsoft Partner Center
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Assign support contacts for Microsoft Partner Center


This document provides an overview of how to assign support contact once the subscription for Microsoft service is set up for customers.




Who does it applies to?

It applies to Partner Center.


Once the subscription for Microsoft service is set up for customers, then one may want to assign a designated product reseller for technical support of these products rather than providing support yourself.


Once the support contacts are set, customers can see your assigned support contact's information on the product support pages. For e.g. if Microsoft Office customers need support:

                                                         i.            they go into the page

                                                       ii.            log in with their admin credentials

                                                      iii.            select the Admin tile,

                                                     iv.            under the Support section, they see the assigned support contact information.


This can be used for multi-partner and multi-channel scenarios.


How to Assign Contacts?

Please prepare a support agreement with the designated product reseller by requesting a relationship for handling technical support.

1.      For new Subscriptions, the indirect provider by default becomes the designated support contact. You can also change this to an indirect reseller that has delegation admin privileges.

2.      From the Partner Center Dashboard,

                                                               i.      select Customers field

                                                             ii.      locate the desired Customer

                                                            iii.      select a Subscription for e.g. Office 365 Business Premium


3.      Select the designated product reseller from the Designated support contact.

                                                               i.      Select Submit


4.      Select Close after reviewing the changes correctly.





This document outlines the instructions for assigning a support contact for Microsoft Partner Center.