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How to-Redeem Your BitTitan Coupon
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How to-Redeem Your BitTitan Coupon


Before redeeming your BitTitan coupon, please ensure that you have created an account on BitTitan (refer to ‘How to: Create a BitTitan Account’).

Your BitTitan subscription translates into a coupon on your Customer’s Control Panel (CCP). All the licenses for a single subscription are in the coupon.


Fig 1. Coupon in CCP

On the CCP you can redeem your coupon and view the status of coupons. This article describes how to redeem your coupon.

1) Login to your Customer’s Control Panel (CCP)

Fig. 2


2) Click on the ‘BitTitan’ tab (the tab becomes available as soon as the service has been provisioned)

Fig. 3

3) Go to the ‘Purchased Coupons’ section

Fig. 4

About the ‘Purchased Coupons’ page


Fig. 5

1.      Coupon Number – It will give you coupon number

2.      Status – It will be

i)                    Active

ii)                  Inactive

3.      Description – It will give the description of product

4.      Available Licenses – It will give you Available Licenses in your account.

5.      Redeem Coupon – It will give you Link to Redeem the coupon

 4) The BitTitan’s service webpage opens


Fig. 6

5) Select the ‘Account’ on the top right corner

Fig. 7

6) Click on ‘Redeem Coupon’.

Fig. 8


7) This will open a new page


Fig. 9

8) Select the ‘REDEEM COUPON’ option

Fig. 10

9) The ‘REDEEM COUPON’ page opens

Fig. 11

10) Enter your coupon code in the ‘Enter your coupon code(s)’ field, seen on the BitTitan portal

Note: To enter multiple coupon codes on the portal, separate each coupon with a space.


Fig. 12

Fig. 13


11) Click the Check button


Fig. 14

12) It will give you information about the coupons.

Fig. 15


13) Click on Apply

                                                                                                                                                                               Fig. 16

14) It will give you a confirmation ‘Coupon Redeemed’


Fig. 17


15) Now if you login to your CCP, you will see the updated status for the coupon(s)


Fig. 18


Once you have successfully redeemed your coupon, you may login to your BitTitan account by going to


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