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October Release Notes
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Description: The Customer Information form helps to create a new Customer much faster and easier then before

Details: The Customer Information form has been updated to capture only required data. This will save time during the creation of new customer accounts.

What's new:

• Less fields on the Customer Form to capture only required data and save the time during creating new Customer Account.

• Password is generated automatically after choosing "New Customer" option.

• Personal Account type is selected by default instead of Business Account.

• VAT ID is shown only for countries where it is required (only if VAT ID is mandatory field).

• New Layout for Customer Form, new Hints.

• Common error message for all fields - "All fields are required. Please complete all fields."



Description: Display Sales Order# upon completion of an order

Details: Upon completion of an order, a reseller will now receive an order# on the order confirmation page.


Description: Changes to the "Select" button

Details: All pages now display a "Buy Now" call to action instead of the "Select" button.



Description: Office 365 product selection

Details: New "Buy Now" buttons are prominently placed on the Microsoft Office 365 page so that product selection(s) can be added to the shopping cart with just a few clicks. New "Overview" and "Pricing" tabs have also been added to the page.



Description: Improved design of the product suggestions section

Details: The suggestions page has been redesigned


Description: Shopping Cart improvements


  • Shopping cart disply of "included" + added resources has been improved.
  • How it works for Microsoft Office 365: When choosing more than 1 unit of Office 365, only one line is shown in the Shopping Cart
  • How it works for Dropbox:  In the case of purchasing Dropbox Business where 3 Users are included by default, 3 Users will be shown in the shopping cart under the quantity. Previously, this used to display as 1 under quantity.




Description: Saved carts management improvement

Details: The saved carts management screen has been improved to allow edit, view, and delete capability of saved carts




Description: Log out screen changes

Details: Logging out of your account will now provide you the option of returning back to the Cloud Marketplace landing page instead of




Description: New "How To" videos on landing page

Details: [US only] New “How To Use the Cloud Marketplace” videos have been added to our Knowledge Base to help ease Cloud Marketplace onboarding

Resellers can navigate to the videos from the Support pulldown menu titled "How to use the Marketplace" or within the main panel under the fourth icon titled "Watch step-by-step videos on how to use the Marketplace".



Description: Improved and rearranged Cloud Marketplace menu items

Details: Two new solution categories have been introduced: "Backup and Disaster Recovery" and "Digital Marketing". "Cloud Management Services" has been renamed to "Cloud Enablement Services" and "Vertical Solutions" renamed to "Industry Solutions". Services have been realigned accordingly.

- Please take some time to review the new categories and familiarize yourselves with some of the new services we have to offer.

- Also take note that Microsoft Office 365 has been moved from the Business Applications category to the Communication and Collaboration category.



Description: New "Top Selling Services" menu option

Details: A new menu item titled "Top Selling Services" has been added to the Cloud Services pull down menu. This menu option will list popular services sold in the Cloud Marketplace within a scrollable carousel.




Description: Sales categories in Marketplace tab of NextCP

Details: The Sales Categories in the NextCP Marketplace tab have been rearranged and streamlined to mirror sales categories in the Cloud Marketplace Cloud Services Menu.



Description: New payment options for New Staff Users

Details: With Ingram Micro moving to new payment options that allow the option to add Credit Cards at Checkout screen, new payment options were not shown for New Staff Users. It is now possible to add a new credit card for New Staff Users when using the new payment options.



Description: Redirect Payment PlugIn

Details: Ingram Micro is switching payment plugins to a “redirect” payment plug in. This means that Ingram Micro is no longer storing reseller Credit Card information when a purchase is made via Credit Cards.  Instead the payment merchant stores this data. You can access this feature in Credit Card management of the Customer Control Panel (CCP).


Description: Corent Technology Inc. SurPaaS MaaS is now available for purchase

Details: Corent Technology Inc. SurPaaS MaaS is now avaialable for purchase. SurPaaS MaaS empowers you to analyze, optimize, and migrate a broad range of applications to the Cloud effortlessly. It simplifies and accelerates the application migration whether from physical servers to Cloud or from one Cloud to another and thereby encouraging an increased Cloud adoption rate. To order or for more information, contact your Ingram Micro Cloud sales account manager.