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How to: Setup a New Acronis Backup Account (Customer)
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There are three parts to setting up a new Acronis Backup Account for your Customer (refer to this article for step-by-step instructions for creating a new Acronis Backup Account for Users).

The general steps for creating a new Acronis Backup Account for the Customer are:

i) Assign the Acronis service to the Customer;

ii) Create unique credentials and;

iii) Configure Customer’s role and backup quotas.


Assign Acronis to the Customer

1)    Log in to the Customer Control Panel


2) Select ‘Backup’ from the left-side menu options

3) On the ‘Backup’ page, under the ‘My Backup’ section, click on the ASSIGN SERVICE button located on the ‘BACKUP USER’ tile


Set Login Credentials

On the ‘Backup User Settings’ page, the login credentials are created or generated under the ‘SET BACKUP USER CREDENTIALS’ section.

4) By default the Customer’s email ID is provided under the ‘Login’ field, you can create your own username if required

5) You can use the auto-generated password found in the ‘Password’ field or use  to generate a new password or enter your own password directly in the field (the icon allows you to hide or unhide the password)

IMPORTANT! Ensure you have a record of your login credentials so you or your Customer can log in directly to the Acronis Management Console through the Acronis URL (refer to ‘How to: Log in to the Acronis Management Console’ for detailed instructions) and these credentials are also required during installation of the Acronis agent.


Configure Customer’s Roles and Responsibilities & Backup Quotas


6) Under the ‘BACKUP USER SETTINGS’ you can configure the following:




1) Indicate whether the   Customer should receive notifications and if so, the kind of backup   notifications: (i) no notifications ii) only notified when an error occurs   iii) Customer should receive both errors and warnings or iv) all   notifications.







2) Select whether the   Customer should receive notifications when usage nears excess levels (select   between ‘Enabled’ or ‘Disabled’).




3) Select whether to allow   the Customer to manage backups for other Users (select between ‘Enabled’ or   ‘Disabled’).



Configure Customer’s Acronis Backup Quota


7) Configure Cloud Backup space for: storage, servers, VMs, workstations and mobile devices. You can tick the ‘Unlimited’ option or; untick the ‘Unlimited’ option to enter a GB limit or; use the  and buttons to increase and decrease the number of GBs.

8) Click the OK button


A new Acronis Backup account has now been created. The next step is to download and install the agent.