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How to: Enable Cloud Orchestrator
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This article provides instructions for enabling Ingram Micro Cloud Orchestrator. When Cloud Orchestrator has been successfully enabled, ‘Cloud Orchestrator’ will be displayed as an option on the Customer Control Panel’s (NextCP) left-side menu.

You can enable Cloud Orchestrator either by acquiring a Cloud Orchestrator subscription from the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace (CMP) or by enabling it from the Cloud Orchestrator tile found on Customer Control Panel’s (CCP’s) ‘Home’ page.

Note: The Cloud Orchestrator tile is available on CCP’s ‘Home’ tile only if Ingram Micro Cloud Orchestrator is being offered by the Customer’s Service Provider.

Cloud Orchestrator on CMP

Cloud Orchestrator on ‘Home’ page on CCP (NextCP)


Enabling Cloud Orchestrator from CMP

1) Open your regional CMP (refer to article ‘L2 Channel Support - Directory‘ to find the URL for your regional IMC Marketplace - it is listed under the ‘Cloud Marketplace URL’ column)

2) Select CLOUD SERVICES > INFRASTRUCTURE > Ingram Micro Cloud Orchestrator

3) On the Ingram Micro Cloud Orchestrator page, click the Select button corresponding to the Ingram Micro Cloud Orchestrator subscription

4) If you do not have a Microsoft Azure subscription already, you have the option to select an Azure subscription now by ticking the checkbox next to Azure

5) Click the Continue button

6) After reviewing the contents of your Shopping Cart, click the Proceed to Checkout button

Note: Cloud Orchestrator is a free service and Azure is PAYG (pay-as-you-go) so your initial cost is 0.


6) On the ‘End Customer Account Information’ page, select an ‘Existing Customer’ or a ‘New User’ (if these subscriptions are for a new Customer, you can create the Customer here)

8) If you already have an Azure subscription and require only Cloud Orchestrator go to step 11

9) If you are also purchasing an Azure subscription you will need to provide tenant domain related information

10) Click the Continue button

11) Provide Billing Information