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How to: Purchase Additional Cloud Provider Subscriptions from the In-panel Marketplace
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Ingram Micro Cloud Orchestrator is a completely free service however, you can access the Marketplace from within ‘Cloud Orchestrator’ to purchase additional Cloud Provider subscriptions such as Microsoft Azure.This article describes how to access the in-panel Marketplace to purchase Cloud Provider's subscriptions.

Accessing the In-panel Marketplace

The in-panel Marketplace can be accessed through any one of three ways:

1) On the ‘Cloud Orchestrator’ page, click GO TO MARKETPLACE link on the ‘Cloud Accounts’ tile




2) Click the Go to Marketplace button on the ‘Cloud Accounts’ page



3) By selecting Marketplace from the left-side menu options


Purchasing a Cloud Provider Subscription (Microsoft Azure)

1) Log in to the Customer Control Panel (CCP)

2) Select Cloud Orchestrator from the left-side menu OR select Marketplace from the left-side menu (if you selected Marketplace skip to step number 4)


3) On the ‘Cloud Orchestrator’ page, click GO TO MARKETPLACE on the ‘Cloud Accounts’ tile


3) On the ‘Cloud Accounts’ page (accessed from ‘Cloud Orchestrator’ page by clicking MANAGE on the ‘Cloud Accounts’ tile), click the Go To Marketplace button


4) On the ‘Marketplace’ page, select the Microsoft Azure tile

5) On the ‘Enable Microsoft – Azure’ page, the Azure subscription is selected by default

6) Click the Next button

7) Read the introduction on Microsoft Azure; the description of how Azure services are charged; and then click the Next button

8) Azure uses the PAYG pricing model, you can use the search feature to find the hourly rates charged for a resource (different regions charge different rates)