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How to: Check Service Plan Pre-requisites (to Customize In-Panel Marketplace)
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Note: This article is part of ’How to: Customize Your In-panel Marketplace’.

Follow the instructions in this article to confirm whether service plans you want to use in the in-panel Marketplace meet the following pre-requisites:

                    Do service plans have atleast one active plan period?

                    Are service plans published?

1) Log in to your Reseller Control Panel (RCP)

2) Switch to ‘Billing’

3) From the left-side menu options, select Products > Service Plans

4) On the Service Plans page click on the service plan you want to display in the In-panel Marketplace

5) On the service plan’s page, check the following:


Check tab:


Published service plan

Publication Settings



Under the ‘Publication Settings’ tab, Plan Settings > Published should be set to ‘Yes’.


Active subscription

Subscriptions Periods

Under the ‘Subscription Periods’ tab, Subscription Periods > Active should be set to ‘Yes’.