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How to: Manually Order Sales Categories and Service Plans in the in-Panel Marketplace
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Follow the instructions in this article to modify the order in which sales categories and service plans are displayed in the in-panel Marketplace.

Note: If you need to first create the sales categories refer to ‘How to: Customize Your In-panel Marketplace’.

1) Log in to your Reseller Control Panel

2) Switch to ‘Billing’

3) From the left-side menu, select Products > Service Plans

4) On the ‘Service Plans’ page, select the ‘Sales Categories’ tab

5) Select the Set Order button

6) In the ‘Order’ column, enter numbers from one to as-high-as-required in order to represent all sales categories and service plans on the in-panel Marketplace – lower the order number, assigned to a sales category or service plan, the closer the category or service plan is to being the first item seen in the in-panel Marketplace

Note: If two or more service plans or sales categories are assigned the same number, then their alphabetical order, A to Z, will take precedence.

7) Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Save button

This order is now reflected in the in-panel Marketplace: