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How to: Reorder Sub-Categories within a Parent Sales Category
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Note: Instructions for creating a sales category are detailed in this article.

Please note that the steps in this article are only for modifying the order of sub-categories listed within a parent sales category. In order to modify the order of parent sales categories refer to ‘How to: Manually Set the Display Order of Sales Categories and Service Plans in the In-Panel Marketplace’.


1) Log in to your Reseller Control Panel (RCP)

2) Switch to ‘Billing’

3) From the left-side menu options, select Products > Service Plans

4) On the ‘Service Plans’ page, select ‘Sales Categories’ tab

5) Under ‘Sales Categories’, you will see that sales categories and sub-categories have an ‘Order’ column (if the sub-category has never been assigned an order number then these sub-categories are displayed in the order by which they were created)

Before modifying the order number of a sub-category, note the following:

i) The order number of the sub-category you want to reorder

ii) The order numbers of other sub-categories’ so you know what their relative positions will be within the parent sales category

iii) Lower the assigned order number; higher the sub-category is listed within its parent sales category

6) Click on the sub-category whose order you want to change

7) On the selected sales category page, click the Edit button

8) Scroll down to the ‘Position in Parent Category’ and enter an order number and click the Save button

Note: If two or more sub-categories have the same number then the A to Z order of the sub-categories’ names will take precedence.

9) You will receive a confirmation message

When you return to the sales category page you will notice that the sub-category reflects its new position:

Sub-category in its new position

Sub-category in its old position