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How to: Publish a Sales Category to the In-Panel Marketplace
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Note: Instructions for creating a sales category are detailed in this article.

In order for Customers to find a sales category and its service plan in the Customer Control Panel, you must ensure that the sales category is published. Follow the steps in this article to ensure the sales category is published.

1) Log in to your Reseller Control Panel (RCP)

2) Switch to ‘Billing’

3) From the left-side menu options, select Products > Service Plans

4) On the ‘Service Plans’ page, select ‘Sales Categories’ tab

5) Under ‘Sales Categories’, click on the sales category or sub-category that you want to publish

6) Under the ‘General’ tab, click the Edit button

7) Under the ‘Online Store and Customer Control Panel’ section, tick the check box corresponding to ‘Expand Category’ and ‘Display Category in Customer Control Panel’

8) Click the Save button

9) You will receive a confirmation message

Now when you go to the in-panel Marketplace in the Customer Control Panel (NextCP); you will find this sales category listed there: