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How to: Custom Brand NextCP (CCP)
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All Ingram Micro Reseller Partners can customize their Customers’ Control Panel (CCP) to carry their own unique brand. You may customize the logo, favicon and opt for a branded hostname. Before you begin creating your brand review these requirements (mandatory requirements are indicated by *).


·         * Must be a new or existing Ingram Micro Reseller Partner

·         * Must have an active domain registered with Ingram Micro or an external registrar

             Note: If you do not have an active domain, refer to these articles:

·         Logo: Use any standard image-format such as: .jpeg, .png, etc. Size cannot exceed 200 x 50 pixels.

·         Favicon: Must be .ico (standard image file format for computer icons) and cannot exceed 16 x 16 pixels in size.

·         SSL Certificate for customized hosted domains (optional but recommended, click here to learn more)

·         Configured Service Branding for customized hostname (refer to ‘How to: Configure or Disable Service Branding’). This is recommended in order to avoid provisioning failures for some services such as DNS Hosting, Hosted Exchange and Shared Web Hosting.

Note: If you do not require this feature, it is recommended that you disable it (refer to ‘How to: Configure or Disable Service Branding’) for step-by-step instructions).

Creating Your Brand

Following are step-by-step instructions for creating your own brand:

1) Log in to your Reseller Control Panel (ensure you do not select ‘Billing’)

2) From the left-side menu select System > Settings

3) On the ‘Settings’ page, select Brands

4) On the ‘Brands’ page, click the Add New Brand button

5) On the ‘Add New Brand’ page, click the Next button

Note: If a suitable domain is available for branding it will be listed on this page. If there are no domains listed here, you will receive the following error message: ‘You have no domains available for brand creation.’ You will need to either purchase a new domain or create a sub-domain for your existing domain (click on the links for step-by-step instructions).


6) The ‘Add New Brand’ page opens to an editable form

7) Complete the form based on the amount of customization you wish to accomplish then click the Finish button

The newly created brand will be listed on the ‘Brands’ page.

Note: It is recommended that you update the settings for notifications that go out to your end-customers. Settings to be updated with your new branding include: Customer Control Panel URL; Logo URL and website URL.

For detailed steps refer to ‘Customizing Your Notification Email Templates’.