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How to: Add a Sub-Domain to a Reseller’s Existing Domain (external registrar)
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Resellers with their own domain can use a sub-domain for their brand. Follow the steps in this article to add a sub-domain:

1) Log in to your Reseller Control Panel (ensure you do not select ‘Billing’)

2) Select Services > Domains from the left-side menu

3) On the ‘Domains’ page click on the Add Existing Domain Registered Elsewhere button

4) The ‘Create domain’ wizard is launched

5) Enter ‘Domain’ and ‘Hosting type’ fields

Note: Under ‘Hosting type’ select ‘Internal name server...’ if you want the DNS to be managed by the platform OR,


Select ‘External..’ if you want to manage DNS records on your own


6) Click the Next button

7) Review the information and then click the Finish button

8) You will receive a confirmation message indicating your sub-domain has been successfully added