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How to: Configure or Disable Service Branding
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If you require a customized hostname it is important to configure Service Branding in order to avoid provisioning failures for some services such as DNS Hosting (US, Canada and Mexico’s marketplaces extend this feature to other services such as Hosted Exchange and Shared Web Hosting). If you do not require this feature then it is recommended that you disable it.

The following step-by-step instruction describes where to find the configurable settings for Service Branding and how to disable service branding:

1) Log in to your Reseller Control Panel (ensure you do not select ‘Billing’)

2) From the left-side menu select System > Settings

3) On the ‘Settings’ page, select Brands

4) On the ‘Brands’ page select a domain

5) On the ‘<domain name>’ page, select the ‘Service Branding’ tab

6) Select ‘Website Template’, ‘Exchange Branding’ or ‘DNS Branding’


7) On the ‘<selected branding>’ page follow this process:

To configure a service branding:


Click Configure Exchange Branding button and make required changes


To disable a service branding:


Select a service by clicking on it


On the ‘<service name >’ page, select ‘Branding off’


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