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1. Reseller Control Panel Feature: Add Custom ID


2. Reseller Control Panel Feature: Add & View Product SKUs


3. Reseller Control Panel Feature: Add Purchase Orders


4. How to: Enable the ‘Order Placed’ Notification for Customers

The ‘Order Placed’ notification will be triggered by different types of orders (such as Sales Orders and Change Orders). By default, every Customer will not receive the 'Order Placed' notification. In order to enable the ‘Order Placed’ notification…

5. How to: Disable the ‘Order Placed’ Notification Template

1) Log in to the Reseller Control Panel 2) Switch to ‘Billing’ 3) From the left-side menu options select System > Settings 4) On the ‘Settings’ page, select ‘Notifications’ under ‘System’ 5) On the ‘Notifications’ page, select ‘Notification…

6. Phone Number Regex Validation for Existing Customers

As an Ingram Micro Cloud Hosted Solutions Reseller, you will be responsible for providing level one support to your end customers. As such, you may need to log in to their Customer Control Panel to be able to provide this support. If you are managing your…

7. How to: Resubmit a Subscription that ‘Failed to Provision’

You can check the status of an order from your Reseller Control Panel (RCP). If you find an order has failed you may follow the instructions below to resubmit the order for provisioning after completing steps to remedy the cause for the failed order. The…

8. How to: Enable a Customer to Access Their Control Panel

In order to enable Customers to access their control panel (CCP) you must provide your Customer with the following information: i) The CCP’s URLii) The CCP’s unique login credentials How to: Obtain the Customer Control Panel's URL1) Login to your Reseller…

9. How to: Include Additional Recipient(s) for Notifications

Notifications alert Customers about events, such as: · Changes in account status · Invoices · Payments · Resource usage ·

10. Introduction to the Reseller Control Panel

The Reseller Control Panel is a rich tool to help you manage your end customers, primarily with account management and billing management. Your control panel is set up automatically when you first log in to the Cloud Marketplace and activate your reseller…

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