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Setting Up McAfee with an Externally Hosted Domain
Article Reference NumberAA-05526 Views2018

McAfee Security as a Service solutions can be used with a domain that is registered through any registrar. If you are using an externally registered domain, follow the steps below to add the domain to your Customer Control Panel, and then add an MX record to the domain to make sure it is available to you when setting up your McAfee account.

1)    Add your domain to the Customer Control Panel by navigating to the Hosted Domains tab and clicking on Add Existing Domain Registered Elsewhere.

Your domain will appear on the list of hosted domains.

2)    Click on the domain name you added, then navigate to the DNS tab and the DNS Records sub tab.

3)    Click Add New DNS Record.

4)    Add an MX record with the properties shown in the screenshot below:

5)    Now, purchase your desired McAfee SaaS subscription through the Customer Control Panel Store.

6)    Navigate to the McAfee Cloud-based Security tab within your McAfee SaaS subscription to set up your McAfee account.

This completes the extra steps required when using an externally hosted domain with your McAfee subscription. See the McAfee SaaS Web and Email Protection Starter Guide for instructions to continue setting up your McAfee account.